A Tour at our Magouemon Tea Farm

How about a cup of real and rare "Honzu-Matcha" which you've never tasted?
Our specialty "Honzu-Matcha" and our "Grand-Cru" farm for hand-picked matcha

Matcha, becoming popular in the world

Experience with Matcha as a kind of green tea, by visiting our farm + factory

Matcha is booming as a fashionable item and lots of people in the world want to know about real matcha and watch production site for matcha in Kyoto. But there is no opportunity or plan to observe any suitable site until now.

Moreover, the product distribution system for tea is sectionized in each part (f.ex. production, distribution, wholesale, shops and tea-masters(teachers)) so that only some particular people can explain the entire system "from farm to cup".

Most of the people can think automatically that Uji is the main and best production area for matcha/Tencha in Japan.
But our home town Joyo-city is also one of the main producing areas for matcha (awarded as the best producing area in Japan 2015 & 2017) in Japan. Our farm and factory are located among the perfect terroir in Joyo for matcha production.

For introducing the real matcha from our home town Joyo, we've got an idea to provide some plans to welcome visitors. Like an "open cellar" at some wine cellars, our visitors can show our tea farms (especially some areas for traditional hand-picking ), and factory for making "Tencha" to know the world of matcha.

About this plan

Magouemon Tour

Cost: JPY21,600- (excl. tax with interpreter-English) /
person (Max: Parties of 5)

Please make a reservation one week in advance.

Duration: 150 Min. (From 9:30 ~) / Party of 1 or 5 (max.)
(an English-speaking interpreter attending / reservation required.)


Farm tour (in some fields for hand-picking "Tencha")

We'll show the visitors our Tencha farms which are treated especially for traditional handpicked matcha. In Shizuoka or in Kagoshima, you can find lines of tea trees which are shaped by cutting machines and have the crescent-shape. But our trees are cared and shaped quite naturally. This is our traditional method in Uji/Kyoto area.

Season by season our farm can show us their different sceneries.
During the walk among the tea trees, we'll explain our visitors the background of matcha production, for example, why our farm is located here, how the location can make our matcha different from others and how the trees can grow etc..

Factory tour (at our factory for "Tencha")

There are only a few farms in Japan which have their own factories only for making "Tencha". Our factory is one of them and it's operated only in May, just for a month. During the operation in on-season, it's so lively-noisy and very hot in the factory because all the machines are working at the same time. So, it's a little bit hard for visitors to hear our explanation, but everybody can "feel" the process in live and enjoy the fine and fresh flavor of tea. In off-season, it's calm in the factory so that it is suitable for learning about the logic and technics for matcha production in detail.

Every inquiry from our customers is always welcome and we, all the staffs, would like to do our best to answer it.


Drinking & Enjoying Our Specialty "SHIROTAE (Honzu-Matcha)" Tea

We've been producing our matcha by a very traditional "Honzu" method which has been handed down over 500 years (since Azuchi-Momoyama Period). Our "Honzu" method is basically very traditional, but combined with our own Know-How, so that we can produce the best grade "Honzu Matcha" in Japan with its brilliant green color and fine & noble flavor.

But the traditional Honzu-method should take innumerable hard works and its productivity is so limited. It's said that the value of 1g "Honzu Matcha" could be equivalent to the value of 1g gold in Edo-period because of its rarity.

At the end of your visit, we'll serve you a cup of our specialty - "SHIROTAE (Honzu-Matcha)" - with a piece of Japanese sweets (Wagashi). Maybe we are the only one farm in Japan which serves this "Honzu-Matcha" to "non-professional" customers for this kind of visitors tour.

The "Honzu-Matcha" does't enter the general market readly, so that only small numbers of people know and taste it. Most of our visitors could be impressed very much by its deep taste.

While serving a cup of matcha, we'll also teach you how to make a cup of "tasty" matcha easily in our "Magouemon "style as well as show you how we drink matcha casually. We hope that you can enjoy the matcha at home after your visit.


During the visit, we try to explain our visitors "all about Matcha", combined with their own interests or profession. Through this experience, lots of our visitors have got a chance to understand the Japanese history and culture.
We are happy to have positive feed-backs from every visitors until now.

Reservations are recommended via HERE.

Important Notes

Please make a reservation one week in advance.
If you have any particular plan or schedule to visit us, please feel free to contact us via email etc. to confirm whether the mentioned date can be free for you.
Also, your further inquiries would be also very much appreciated.

About Cancellation Fee

A cancellation fee (100%) will be charged for cancellation one week before the event or no-shows.

The venue

At Magouemon co Ltd. / 20-1, Mizushi-Minaminakiuchi, Joyo-city, Kyoto, 610-0118, Japan

Important Notes

*This program does not go during the period from May 1st to June 10th.

*No dress code (comfortable outfits for walking in our farms can be recommended.)
*Application: Through our online-shop / Payment: Credit card payment only
Your kind understanding would be greatly helpful.
*Upon your request, we'll pick you up at the Tonosho Station (Kinki Tetsudou Railway) at a specified time.

For a group with a Japanese and a foreigner: If you don't require any interpreter, your tour fee is JPY10,800-/per. Because we need to use lots of technical words for explaining more detailed stories about tea, we can also arrange our interpreter upon your request for your better understanding. Tour fee with an interpreter is JPY10,800/per for Japanese and JPY21,600/per for foreigner (excl.tax). Your kind understanding would be greatly helpful.

Reservations are recommended via HERE.

About our home town Mizushi in Joyo / Kyoto

Mizushi has its long history. It's located almost in the middle between Kyoto and Nara and has had an important function for traffic and transport since the Heian Period. We can find the name "Mizushi-Shrine" in a part of "Zoku-Nihon-Koki" written in 844.

We think Mizushi can give us the perfect terroir for planting tea trees, fine quality of water & soil and also its ideal weather condition.

Mizushi-Jinja Shrine

Mizushi-Jinja Shrine

The hotel which we Magouemon would recommend you.