All about "Magouemon"
The Japanese Tea Merchandiser

History of Magouemon is just equal to
the passion through many generations to seek
for the best Japanese green tea over 222 years.

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Keeping our tradition
as the best tea producer
for now and the future

Name of the Company Magouemon & Co.Ltd
President Hirofumi Ohta
Address 20-1, Minami-Kakiuchi,Mizushi, Jyoyo-city, Kyoto-prefecture 610-0118 JAPAN
tel. +81-774-52-3232
fax. +81-774-52-3232

Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement
Magouemon & Co., Ltd. ("Magouemon") recognizes the importance of protecting The Cusomer's Privacy and Personal Information, follows laws and various regulations concerning Personal Information, and all the members and staffs at Magouemon are committed to recognizing the importance of Personal Information and protecting them through ways such as preventing leakage of such information in accordance with the Privacy Policy here below.
Management of Public and Private Information
Magouemon will assign all the members to be in charge of managing the update,control and security of collected Personal Information, take stringent measures to protect Personal Information from unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage, and strive to manage personal information properly to secure the accuracy of such information.
Purpose Concerning Use of Personal Information and Limitation of Purpose of Use
Magouemon shall use personal information to provide quality information and services. Upon receiving Personal Information, Magouemon will specify the purpose of use by each service that requires the use of Personal Information, such as sharing product information, response for any inquiries and sending emails.
Disclosure of Personal Information
Unless otherwise stipulated herein, Magouemon will not disclose any Personal Information to any third party without The Custmer's prior consent. However, Magouemon may disclose The Customer's Personal Information in the following cases.
  1. When receiving consent from The Customer for the release or sharing of information.When the supply or sharing of information is deemed necessary to provide the products and services( desired by The Customer) through Magouemon's outsourced contractors.
  2. When the disclosure will be required by a law or regulation.
  3. When a legal request is made by the courts, police or other public entity.
  4. When such laws and regulations shall have their special provisions.
  5. When deemed necessary for the protection of the life, physical well-being or assets of an individual and the third party and difficulties exist in obtaining the consent of this individual.
  6. When deemed necessary to protect against the possibility of the actions of The Customer on The Magouemon's Homepage damaging the rights, assets or services of Magouemon, while getting consent of this individual is impossible.
Control and Security of Personal Information
Magouemon will strive to manage Personal Information properly to secure the accuracy of such information.
Procedure to Request Disclosure, Correction and Suspension of Use of Personal Information
Magouemon honors customers' requests for disclosure, corrections, additions, deletions or other issues regarding Personal Information. Magouemon, to a reasonable extent, will immediately accommodate such requests after verifying the identity of the individual making the request by confirming contact information or other personal details.
Responsibilities, When Handling Personal Information and When Changing to This Privacy Statement
Magouemon complies with applicable domestic laws and regulations regarding Personal Information. Concerning the handling of Personal Information, Magouemon continues to make improvements on an ongoing basis and reviews this Privacy Statement when necessary and may update and revise all or a part of it.
Contacting for Personal Information
Please contact the following regarding inquiries for this page and Personal Information.

Magouemon & Co.Ltd
CPO : Hirofumi Ohta
20-1, Minami-Kakiuchi,Mizushi, Jyoyo-city, Kyoto-prefecture 610-0118 JAPAN
tel. +81-774-52-3232
fax. +81-774-52-3232