All about "Magouemon"
The Japanese Tea Merchandiser

History of Magouemon is just equal to
the passion through many generations to seek
for the best Japanese green tea over 222 years.

The Principle of "Magouemon"

To create the new world of tea through interlacing tradition with innovation

Each generation had different experiences and every successor had his own idea and passion for making his best tea.

In our over 222-year history, we've been inheriting amounts of ideas and methods from one generation to the next generation. And their ideas are now the basic of our daily works. This Know-How throughout many generations and our ongoing efforts on making high quality tea can help us to minimize any influences from the nature, such as bad weather and to produce our best quality tea stably.

At our farms, especially in the parts where we harvest leaves by hand, we pick up new leaves only once a year to keep their best and healthy condition while the farms generally pick the new leaves twice or three times per year.

In such parts of our farms, which is like a "Grand Cru" for us, we cultivate and tend our tea trees under the best condition and we always strive to produce our ideal tea, as impressive, graceful, fresh and vivid as possible.

We hope and try to be honest and progressive day by day and year by year to offer our best tea continuously for many customers as possible.

Tradition "Dentou"

The chemical and mechanical technology is developing day by day in every field, but, we've been trying to keep the hand-picking method for buds and to use natural and traditional materials and ingredients, because we'd like to keep our old and historical methods and styles for making fine and tasty tea to pass them down to our children in the future. 


We place value not only on keeping our long and good old tradition, but also on promoting our new product to meet the current demands from the domestic and international market. Our Know-How and experienced sense of taste based on this long tradition are our strong points to produce and promote any kinds of new and challenging items continuously for the world-wide market.


Scene for Hand-Picking

Scene for Hand-Picking


At most of tea farms the tea leaves are cut by harvesting machines because this method is quite easy and efficient, however, lots of leaves are cut and damaged unwillingly by machine harvesting. The damaged leaves can get mixed with the normal one and they can bring unfavorable taste and unwanted bacteria into the tea.

At our Magouemon's tea farm, we don't take any kinds of easy methods and every tea leaf is be picked up carefully and thoughtfully by the hands of our experienced pickers "Ochatsumi san" , the same way as in our founder Magouemon's time.
And we use mainly organic fertilizer, for example, dried whole herrings are used as a part of fertilizer.

Every tea farmer in Kyoto is normally quite conscious about the condition of one's yard, but even in Kyoto there are only a few farms using these kinds of special fertilizers. That means, this method is quite rare among all the tea farms in Japan.
All these efforts are just for producing tea of a quality as good as possible and even better tea than the one in our last harvest.