The World of the TEA

Deep and Wide Background of the Tea



Tea contains lots of minerals and components in good balance so that it can be expected lots of positive factors and activities in various fields, such as hypertension-inhibitory effect, preventing diabetes, dieting effect, inhibitory action on rise of blood cholesterol, enhancing immunpotentiation and so on. But the thing that's gathering the most public attention right now is a preventive factor against cancer.

As some researches show, there are three factors that may have anti-inflammatory and anticancer effects, and tea contains one of them.

Catechin is also an important component in tea that's attracting a great deal of attention recently because of its sterilizing power and it may have various effects, like prophylaxis of infection of the influenza, excellent mouth odor and tooth decay prevention and antibacterial action etc.

Furthermore, tea contains a different type of caffeine from the one in coffee and it may have anti-ageing and activating of cerebral nerve cell effects.


The high-grade tea leaves, especially the tea made for competition, contain tasty components of tea richly, in particular a lot of theanine. Some experiences were done in rats; a group of rats were given theanine and another group not. As the results show, theanine may improve their memory.

At another experience, there were two groups of people, the first group could drink tea and another one can drink water. After 40 minutes, alpha wave was secreted inside the brain of the people drinking tea. It can show that theanine can reduce stress because its relaxation effect.

Relaxation effect

People often say a cup of tea makes you relax and happy.
Maybe it's a result from its relaxation effect and/or reducing stress effect.

Basically, nobody can be away from any stress or bad influences in daily life. So, "stress" is one of the most important keywords in our modern society. If a cup of tea can make people relaxed and enhance memory and physical ability while removing stress from them, it can be an ideal drink during or after the active meeting, discussion or hard study. People can become more productive and effective with a cup of do you think?